About Us

Boldly Equipt was established to connect Employers, Employees, un-employed, Students (both national and International) and Local Communities with exceptional skills to deal with the challenging economical climate.
We are a people orientated company, believing that we can equip you with keys to boldly un-lock your potential for success.

Why choose us

We specialize and provide businesses, individuals and communities with tailor made solutions for the following:

  • Work-force development
  • Personal training and education
  • Consultancy and Recruitment needs

Our services address these issues and equip you with the tools needed to overcome, grow and prosper.

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Our Staff

Our team is a mixture of talented, highly skilled experts in their chosen fields with added charisma, friendliness and supportive characteristics, all of whom have excellent reputation. Our combined knowledge can provide you with an

All our services are designed to:

  • Meet the needs of the business and community to empower them for prosperity, diversity and innovation
  • Cater for individuals to develop, enhance and learn new skills/knowledge

We are privileged to work in collaboration with individuals, organizations, charities and government institutions that share our customer value.